Sectorial Catalogues for 14 industrial sectors

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of various sectors, driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth. However, for these SMEs to thrive sustainably, embracing the principles of the circular economy is crucial.

At the heart of these catalogues lies the concept of the circular economy. This paradigm shift moves away from the traditional linear “take-make-dispose” model to a regenerative system that promotes reuse and reducing waste.

For SMEs, embracing circular economy principles brings multifaceted benefits. It fosters innovation, enhances resource efficiency, reduces production costs, minimises environmental impact, and opens new market opportunities. By utilising these strategies, SMEs can transform challenges, such as resource scarcity and waste generation, into opportunities for growth and resilience.

Below are the sectorial catalogues for the 14 major industrial sectors. We have included, among other things, a brief overview of relevant legislation, CE opportunities with examples of best practice and funding opportunities.

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