Join our pool of evaluators!

Up2Circ is setting up an external pool of evaluators to support the review process of proposals received in the Up2Circ Calls.  

Up2Circ is a project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme with the overall objective to accelerate and scale the transition of European SMEs towards a circular economy. Up2Circ covers the entire value chain from awareness raising, education and training, tailored advisory service to funding of concrete transition projects towards a circular economy. The Up2Circ-Accelerator aims to mobilise and enable SMEs for the uptake of circular business models, circular product design and circular processes.

Up2Circ Accelerator provides to selected SMEs funding of up to €15,000 for feasibility studies related to the adoption of circular business models or up to €50,000 to implement specific transition measures towards circular products, processes and services.

Who we are looking for?

We are seeking skilled evaluators who posses circular economy related expertise and either industry knowledge or technical and business expertise as explained below:

  • Compulsory: Circular Economy Expertise: Evaluators should have a background and in-depth understanding of circular economy principles, strategies, and practices. This is essential for evaluating the alignment of proposals with the Up2Circ project’s objectives and its circular economy aspirations.
  • Industry Knowledge: Evaluators should demonstrate industry-specific knowledge relevant to adopting circular business models, circular product design, and circular processes. Their understanding of industry dynamics ensures accurate assessment of concepts, feasibility, and the potential impact of the proposals.
  • Technical and Business Expertise: Technical and business insight play a vital role in assessing the viability, innovation, and scalability of the proposed circular economy projects. Evaluators must evaluate both the technical feasibility and the potential for successful business outcomes.

The evaluation process will be conducted remotely and will involve compensation of €30 for evaluating a small-scale project proposal and €45 for evaluating a large-scale project proposal.

The number of applications assigned to each evaluator will depend on various factors, including the evaluator’s availability, the volume of submitted applications, and the total number of evaluators selected during the open call.

How to join?

If you are interested in joining our external pool of evaluators, kindly submit your Expression of Interest along with your CV in PDF format to

Detailed evaluation criteria for the Up2Circ Calls are outlined in the call documents, which also include the Up2Circ Guide for Evaluators.

Information about First Open Call

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