Up2Circ Pilot Call: Announcement of projects selected for funding

We are pleased to announce the results of our pilot call in which 7 European SMEs will receive grants to transform their business towards a circular economy. The Up2Circ Pilot Call evaluation process has come to its end and the individual outcome of the evaluation process has been communicated to all applicants.

The pilot call was aimed at SMEs from the project’s partner regions, namely:

  • Hamburg Metropolitan Region (DE, TUTECH)
  • Estonia (EE, TSP)
  • Southern Moravia Region (CZ, JIC)
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region (FR, risingSUD)
  • Lubelskie Region (PL, LFR)
  • Metropolitan City of Turin (IT, CCIAATO)
  • Extremadura Region (ES, FUNDECYT-PCTEX)

We received a total of 46 applications (45 were eligible):

– 6 small scale (feasibility study with business plan) for grants of up to €15,000

– 40 large scale (pilot and demonstration activities with validated prototype) for grants of up to EUR 50,000

Here are the selected projects:

Company nameProject titleDescriptionType of projectCountry
La Vendita Natural SLUSEALOE – use of the subproducts of aloe vera plantlet, inflorencenses and peel, for their incorporation into the production processThe project aims to maximise the utilisation of the entire aloe plant produced by the company, significantly increasing the circularity of the business, and effectively responding to the challenge at hand.large scaleSpain
Xtramarine SasXFUN C-F – XFUN circular feasibility
The project showcases a commitment to the circular economy by proposing a sustainable, modular inflatable boat with electric propulsion. This project integrates circular economy principles into marine vehicle design and includes shared battery usage across marine and urban vehicles, maximising resource utilization and extending product life.
small scaleFrance
Plastiz srlDouble-Up – enhancing efficiency and safety in an innovative thermoforming process to double plastic waste transformation capacityThe goal of project is to address the environmental and social issues caused by plastic waste by recycling and transforming it into high-value semifinished products.large scaleItaly
Grig Distribuce s.r.o.S.P.I.C.E – sustainable protein innovationin circular economy – eco-sausage
The project focuses on sustainable food production, specifically targeting the reduction of the ecological footprint associated with meat consumption. The concept involves incorporating 30% insects into sausages to significantly reduce water and energy usage during production, ultimately leading to a substantial 40-fold reduction in CO2 emissions.
large scaleCzechia
JG Group sp. z o.o.JG vending machine – a project to create vending machines dispensing and receiving used tools from its customersThe project aims to develop a vending machine system for the distribution and collection of used tools, contributing to the promotion of a circular economy. The core concept revolves around recycling and remanufacturing tools, aligning with Up2Circ’s objectives to minimise waste and reuse rare earth metals, addressing both environmental and economic concerns.large scalePoland
Siebold/Hamburg Messebau GmbhproCEd – prototyping a zero-emission exhibition stand with circular designThe project aims to create a zero-emission prototype of trade fair stand aligned with the principles of circular economy by addressing the environmental impact of trade show constructions. The intention is to optimise, redesign, and plan for the post-use life of trade fair construction materials, effectively closing existing material cycles and flows.large scaleGermany
Kinotehnik OUReLight – revolutionising LED lighting, the practlite 602 to 632 upcycling initiativeThe project aims to promote circular business models in the LED lighting industry by repurposing 75% of materials from old lighting equipment.  It also emphasizes customer engagement in sustainability practices and offers a 30% discount for customer participation, setting a precedent in the industry for circularity.small scaleEstonia

If you are interested in participating in the Up2Circ project and benefiting from support in the form of tailored advisory services and financial support, please contact us.

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