Consortium meeting in Tallinn

On 30-31 January 2024, representatives from the project partners met in Tallinn (Estonia) to assess progress, discuss the first grant applications and services developed, and brainstorm on new activities to support SMEs in adopting circular economy practices.

Partners shared insights on improving existing services to better meet the requirements of SMEs. Each partner provided  an update on their tasks and milestones achieved. Partners discussed ways to adapt these activities to different SME profiles and sectors.

Opportunities for collaboration between partners and external stakeholders were explored. Potential joint projects, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and networking events were discussed to foster a collaborative ecosystem around circular economy practices.

As we are approaching the announcement of the first open call (April 2024), the part of the cascade funding for SMEs was discussed in detail.

Action points for each partner to further develop the project were identified. Deadlines and responsibilities were clarified to ensure timely progress of the project.

Overall, the consortium meeting was very fruitful. We summarised what has been achieved so far and developed a strategy for future activities to promote the principles of the circular economy and support SMEs to move towards more sustainable business models.

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