Together we can accelerate and scale up the transition of European SMEs towards a Circular Economy

Active involvement of SMEs is crucial to the successful transition of Europe’s economy to sustainability, as SMEs represent 99% of all enterprises within the EU, accounting for approximately 60 -70% of industrial emissions². To discover opportunities and dismantle barriers, SMEs need customised support, easy access to comprehensive practical knowledge and expert advice as well as unbureaucratic funding opportunities.

  • Do you have broad access to EU SMEs or deep insight into your sector?
  • Do you have expertise in circular economy, advanced technologies or social innovation, which can be enablers of a successful transition?

Each of us can contribute to paving the way for carbon neutrality in Europe and increasing growth while decreasing resource use. Alone we will have limited impact, together we can really make a change. In the Up2Circ project we aim to demonstrate how the efficiency of the EU innovation support ecosystem can be increased if we make better use of existing results, reach out more efficiently to SMEs, make better use of complementary strengths and establish closer connections.

At the end of the project we will publish a best practice guide “Cooperate to perform better” that will be a result of our cooperation with stakeholders and show the synergies of our joint activities.

Let’s cooperate to perform better!

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