Jan 24 2024


09:00 - 13:00

Online training on Up2Circ methodology and tools

To reach the Green Deal goals of a climate neutral economy and decoupling economic growth from resource use, transition of EU SMEs towards a circular economy is crucial. We as SMEs advisors can support companies on their transition journey!

During the training, scheduled to take place on 24 January at 9.00-13.00 on ZOOM platform we aim to present the tools and methodology developed by the Up2Circ team to support SMEs with the uptake of circular innovation. SMEs from all eligible countries within Horizon Europe can participate in the Up2Circ Academy and can apply for up to 50,000 € lump sum funding for their CE implementation projects with deadlines in 5/2024 and 5/2025.


The training will be divided into 2 parts:

  • Part 1: ‘Train the advisor’
    In order to advise SMEs, we as advisors need to be familiar with the topic. The first part of the training is an opportunity for you to gain knowledge on circular economy and to ensure that we all follow a common language and approach: What are the main concepts of circular economy? What are circular business models, circular product design and circular processes?
  • Part 2: ‘How to support SMEs with the uptake of circular innovation?
    The Up2Circ team will present methodology and tools developed in the project, moderate a role play where you can apply these tools in breakout rooms, share experiences from SME advisory during Up2Circ pilot run and invite to discuss how to make best use of synergies between your work and Up2Circ.
Who is the training for?

Participation is open to staff from EU innovation support networks such as Enterprise Europe Network and other institutions that support European SMEs in their green transition and/or access to funding. All participants can learn what tools are available to support SMEs in circular innovation and support them in applying for Up2Circ EU funding.

Registration was closed on 22 January.





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